Our production activities started in 1988 and export activities followed this in 1999 and export activities were carried out first to the European countries.  We produce our products with Natural Fermentation (Turkish Type Pickle) method and have assumed another mission by sending natural products everywhere in the world. As Çiçek Salamura A.Ş., our export network meeting traditional products with consumers has been extending every passing year and the number of the products is also increasing. We have diversified export market in this process and aimed at penetrating into the countless specific markets from America to Australia, Panama to Mauritius, primarily the European and the Middle East countries. We export our products to the countries over 50 in 5 continents.

In the most efficient facility of the country, we have also adopted the mission of introducing the Turkish Type Taste recognized in many parts of the World and we are trying to find the ways of introducing this taste to more people in the world. We can integrate with the world not only by going beyond the physical boundaries but also introducing the values of the Anatolian geography to the world. 

You can contact us over the e-mail export@ciceksalamura.com.tr  for your demands of export.